Simulation Training for Crisis Management

Communications Under Pressure

Learning how to stay calm, to communicate and think on your feet when a crisis happens can save your organisation’s reputation, your own reputation and thousands even millions of Euro. Ocarina have a team of highly trained, seasoned journalists and communications strategists who can put you and your team through their paces and give them a real time experience of managing themselves and the flow of information during difficult and challenging times.

We have experience with both private and public sector clients. All work is carried out in a collaborative and confidential manner so that participants can learn from their experiences in a safe but realistic simulation.

Individual Attention

We specialise in working with individuals in senior management roles who are preparing to pitch an idea, address a conference or a board meeting with confidence making sure that all their key points are covered. Managing the internal dialogue that goes on before, during and after an event will turn your next speaking engagement into an enjoyable experience and make you ready and enthusiastic for the next one.

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‘A New Niamh’ RTE Radio Documentary

A New Niamh is the challenging yet heartwarming story of Niamh Mooney. Niamh is making a pledge to stop shoplifting and to turn her life around. She wants to devote more time to her comedy gigs and poetry performances. The documentary was devised and recorded by Angie Mezzetti and co produced by Ronan Kelly from the Doc On One team in RTE Radio.

The recording was two two years in the making and it brings voices seldom heard to the airways. Niamh has a huge following on #Facebook for her comic live posts. She wants to carve out a new carer for herself in writing and performing her poetry and her comedy. She has had a colourful life which has had its fair share of heart break. Niamh is a survivor. She has come through drug addiction, years of shoplifting and had to surrender her son to care for a while during his early life. But she is turning her life around and the radio documentary ‘A New Niamh’ captures her life at this point of change.

What starts out as a pledge to stop shoplifting her groceries, reveals a story of one woman discovering her inner strength and talent with words.

The programme was first broadcast in November 2017 and is available to listen to and download on the RTE Doc On One website just click on the following link now A New Niamh Radio Documentary

Niamh Mooney

Niamh Mooney Poet and Comedienne

Here’s a little extra clip that is funny but isn’t on the final documentary. It’s called Wobbly Bits and it is about Body Image and self acceptance

Wobbly Bits Poem by Niamh Mooney


Hearing Again After 60 Years Of Isolation – documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’

I Hear A Sound

Michael Ferris aged 84 lost much of his hearing during the Suez crisis in 1956 but has the chance to have his hearing restored through the technical miracle of cochlear implant surgery. Barbara Jameson too is facing into her cochlear implant surgery with optimism and excitement and has high hopes that after her CI ‘switch-on’ and fine tuning she will be able to hear birds again, to hear the rain on the velux window and in a year’s time be able to hear her daughter take her wedding vows. In this moving radio documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’ Angie Mezzetti follows the journey back to the hearing world of Michael and Barbara and hears from others on what that journey is like. ‘I Hear A Sound’ is produced for Newstalkfm and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Barbara Jameson’s story of recovering her hearing through cochlear Implant in Beaumont Hospital is followed in the radio documentary I Hear A Sound


Audiologist Christine McHugh in documentary I Hear A Sound

All Changed Gender Equality in TCD


Dr Sara McMurry one of the amazing women featured in the film recalling how different life was for women in Trinity in the 1960s. Sara was one of the first college chaperones for young women living on campus!

WiSER Women in Science and Engineering Research Trinity College Dublin

New Film

In 2016 over half the students in Trinity are female, but in the 1960s a woman on campus was a rare sight. Women had to be off campus by 6.30pm, there was no maternity leave and chaperones were appointed for the first women scholars on campus. These are some of memories recalled in this fascinating look back at life for women in Trinity college. Produced by Angie Mezzetti for Ocarina Productions the film poses questions for universities about the equality of men and women in the institutions when it comes to career path and promotion. – See more at: Changed


Barbara Wright, Fellow Emerita, Trinity College Dublin, in conversation with Angie Mezzetti for ‘All Changed’  film for WiSER TCD.

Its A Wrap


2015 was a busy year for Ocarina Productions. We started 2015 doing a series of 23 videos for Professional Development a training company based in Dublin. They were making their own videos for some time and knew they worked but they wanted them made with a more professional finish. Their trainers are real professionals and when it came to working with the camera and under the professional lighting set up they were naturals because they are so used to working with people from all walks of life and all areas of industry in a training scenario.
Aoife Kavanagh from Professional Development says “Videos really work, they can show a potential client or training officer what they can expect from our team”.

They were delighted with the videos and they know deliver business to their site and are ‘the convincer’ a person needs to pick up the phone. “There is enough information in these short videos to show potential clients if this is the right course for them.”

You can see what they mean on their website
Ocarina Productions also organised the photography for the website and brochures with Dave Kenna Photography.

The College that Rocks

DFEi is a further Education College in Dun Laoghaire Dublin where I teach news Reporting part time. My colleague and chief cameraman Rick Gibb and I put together several videos for the college to show what a hive of activity it is, especially for hands-on people. You can study and get qualified in all sorts of things, from Journalism, Film Production and Radio Production to Sound Production. There are also courses in Nursing Studies, Woodcraft and Design, Instrument Making and Repair, Renewable Energy Technology, Cultural Studies including Local History, Computer Technology, Security and of course Animal Care and Dog Grooming. The music for the video is played by violinist and fellow teacher the amazing Audrey Trainor. Principal Cecilia Munro is the Star of the Show!

Think Ahead new film on the benefits of the programme

A new video produced by Angie Mezzetti and Richard Gibb of Ocarina Productions for the Think Ahead programme. Wendy and her daughter Helen speak openly, honestly and with humour about how useful they found the Think Ahead form.

The music is Bláth from the wonderful Colm Mac Con Iomaire from his album Anois an Aimsir or And Now The Weather.

The Irish Hospice Foundation

Ocarina have worked extensively with the Irish Hospice Foundation to develop both internal training videos and a range of awareness-raising campaigns including:

These videos give an insight into how the foundation is changing the journey to the end of life and improving the provision of bereavement care for patients and families in Ireland.

Promotional Video

This short video shows some of the ways that the Irish Hospice Foundation is helping patients and families at end of life. It also shows some of the innovative ways that people raise funds for the work of the foundation.

Hard to Say – Communications Training DVD

Working closely with the medical advisers, Ocarina produced two new communications training scenarios for the training programme. These are designed to assist medical and nursing staff working with patients and families in difficult circumstances and particularly where they have the job of communicating news that can be Hard to Say.

This DVD is now an important training tool used in medical education in Ireland and in the UK. It is available from the Irish Hospice Foundation.

Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme: Journeys To The End of Life

Ocarina in 2009 completed a major awareness raising DVD, ‘Journeys To The End Of Life’, for the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme, which aims to improve the experience of patients in palliative care.

For more information, see

Introduced by Gabriel Byrne, seven sections in the DVD explore many aspects of end of life care in Ireland. The video below is an extract from one part and was filmed in Beaumont Hospital with the cooperation of staff.

Contributors to the full DVD included Seamus Heaney, Gabriel Byrne, the staff of Cork University Hospital, Beaumont Hospital Dublin, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda and Wexford General Hospital. The staff of the Irish Hospice Foundation’s Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme, Mel Bates of ICGP, Macartan Hughes National Ambulance Service College and Brian Power, Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council also made valuable contributions.

There are also a number of short, awareness-raising videos produced as part of this Hospice Friendly Hospitals programme:

‘What’s Your Name?’ Negotiating the System

‘What’s Your Name?’ is a dramatised day in a patient’s journey through the hospital system, starring actor Peadar Lamb and real members of staff at the hospital.

Bereavement Support Service

This video promotes the training courses and support provided by the Irish Hospice Foundation for organisations and individuals.

Nurses for Night Care

This short video highlights the free Nurses for Night Care service provided by the Irish Hospice Foundation:

Hospice Home Care for Children

This video highlights the service provided by the Irish Hospice Foundation for the families of children with life limiting conditions: