The Importance of Videos for Fundraising

Video is a powerful medium. Awareness raising and fundraising videos can inspire potential funders and support dedicated teams.
The following is a video Ocarina made recently for the Irish Hospice Foundation to explain the marvellous and varied work that they do.

This short clip shows some of the ways that the Irish Hospice Foundation is helping patients and families at end of life. It also shows some of the innovative ways that people raise funds for the work of the foundation.

Leading Women for Newstalk 106-108

In 2014, Angie produced Leading Women – an inspiring documentary on the challenges and successes of some of Ireland’s most prominent female figures. This was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and produced for Newstalk 106-108fm for their documentary slot.

As well as interviews with ‘Leading Women’, this documentary investigates the attitudes and expectations of the “Millennial generation”. Research has shown that both male and female ‘Millennials’ have higher expectations for gender diversity and work-life balance than previous generations. Professor Elizabeth Kelan of Cranfield University is an expert on developing Millennial women as leaders and is featured in the documentary as is Dr Melrona Kirrane DCU Business school and Prof Eileen Drew director of WiSER in Trinity College Dublin.

The success of this documentary led Angie to create the Women in Leadership podcast, featuring full length interviews with some of Ireland’s foremost female entrepreneurs and public figures.

Listen to this documentary now on the Women in Leadership podcast website [link].

How to Write a Brief for your Video

So you need a video or you think you need one to add pizazz to your conference or more traffic to your website. So where do you start?

The first thing you must ask yourself is who is the audience for this video and next what message do you want to send out to them. You can’t squish everything that an organization does into 30 seconds but you can give a flavour.

Here is a ten point plan to get you started.

1. Think about what you want to say, who you want to say it to and write it down.

Start off with post-its, a white board, blackboard or the back of an envelope. Some of the best ideas start there.
Type it into a document onto your desktop or laptop. Think about the one vital thing you need to convey in this video. Label the document and save it.

2. Chop and Change.

Take time out away from the subject. Go for some exercise, a walk, a spin, a swim or make some soup and then come back to it. It is amazing the ideas you can get when you chop vegetables.

3. Revise

Go back and look at the brief you have written with a fresh perspective. Change it, edit back or add to it and clarify what you want to say. The clearer you are in your own mind what you want your video to say the better job the video producer is likely to make of the project. Leave it to the producer to come up with ideas and ways to tell the story.

4. Who, Where and When

Decide who the audience is and where and when the video will be used. For a conference it can set the scene and show in a series of images and sound bites that would take much longer to say. If it is for the web, the video will help you reach a much wider audience than you ever dreamed possible. This way you can gain new supporters, new customers and new friends. Write all of the ‘who, where and when’ into the brief.

5. Duration

When you know where you want to show your video you will have a better idea of the likely finished duration. If it is for a conference you might like to take use the opening 1 to 3 minutes to give a background of what you do. You can also make it longer 5 to 10 minutes even. People are not as fickle as you think especially if they are interested in your topic to begin with. Footage once shot can always be packaged into shorter or longer pieces but you must capture what you want first.

6. Budget

Decide how much you want to spend. The clearer you are from the beginning about what story you want to tell, the tighter the reign you will have on your budget.

7. Timeline

A deadline focuses producer and client. Allow time to set up the video. Scheduling should be tight but realistic.
All productions have three phases, pre-production (planning and scheduling), production (recording/filming) and post-production (editing, sound mixing, revisions and graphics).

8. Story

Be open to telling a story in your video. Think of telling stories to engage your viewer and listener. This means a beginning, middle and end and if possible a little surprise near the end. Leave wriggle room for your producer as sometimes the best ideas happen after a shoot begins.

9. Remember everyone is unique

We all absorb media in different ways. Some of us are primarily sound people, while others prefer visual. Most of us are a mixture of both. A video can convey sound and vision and can suggest to all senses. We all respond to emotion so use the passion for your own subject to connect with others.

10. Hold something back

Sometimes when people think about making a video for the first time they want to spill everything that is good about their company or product or organization and squish it into one short video. Remember a video is like an opening line in a courtship or dance. Go gently and leave them hungry to hear more.

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Pop Up Video Studio


Everyone needs a video for their website and social media. Video puts a face to your business  and keeps working on your behalf even when you are asleep. A video on your website improves your search engine optimisation and makes you easier to find on then web. So what is stopping you?

Take the plunge, book in to our pop up web video studio and take your pick between Thursday 11th September or Saturday 11th October 2014.

We will guide you gently through the process and you can choose between a pitch style or interview style recording. The set up will be professional with high quality camera lights and sound ready and waiting for you. You have an hour in the studio and that gives you lots of preparation time and room for fluffs and retakes. We then edit your video to a 2 to 3 minute finished product ready to be uploaded to the web on your website or ready to share on social media platforms like LinkedIn, twitter, vimeo, youtube and Facebook.

All in price of €485 plus VAT.

Some slots still available for 11th September in The IMI Sandyford. Call us Now to reserve a slot or just to find out more on 012895264.

Pitching Your Business on Video

Show Don’t Tell

So you have decided to make a pitch video. It is a great idea. When potential clients see you in person they make a connection straight away, it’s like they know you, so it is important to make your video as professional as possible.

Web videos allow you to reach more people on their phones and on their laptops and tablets than any networking event. A web video is more likely to lead customers from click to sales on your website.

Key things to remember

Keep it short and make it beautiful. 2 to 3 minutes is plenty. People decide very quickly when they watch video if they want to hear more so grab them at hello!

Make sure the sound is great. We know that pictures are vital but very often amateur video makers neglect the quality of sound on a video and it is really important that what you say can be heard clearly. This is even more important if your clients are in any way hard of hearing.

Prepare what you want to say but don’t over rehearse it. You want to sound natural. A good video maker can interview you in a news story style and then cut out their questions. This makes you sound relaxed and knowledgeable and you don’t have to look directly into the camera unless you want to.

International research shows that web videos on your website increases your SEO Search Engine Optimisation, you become easier to find on the internet. Once it is made you can use your video on any of your web platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, PIntrest and of course twitter. Video is made to share.

Where to start

Get a pen and paper, pencil and napkin or laptop keyboard and start writing down what you want to say. Think about what you want people to know about you. This is just a first draft and can be changed that is why they invented cut and paste.

Refine what you have composed to a few key points. This is an invitation to the dance floor so you just need to introduce yourself or your business first. Say who you are and what you do. Tell people what do you specialise in, what sort of work you have done and what sort of clients you cater for. Tell people what work you like doing. This naturally attracts the clients you want to work with.

Give some free advice. This way you demonstrate what you know and this encourages others to have faith in you.

Enjoy the process.

On 11th September and 11th October 2014 Ocarina will be recording pitches and testimonial videos in specially set up studio conditions in the IMI in Sandyford in September and The Casting Couch Fitzwilliam Square East in October. A limited number of clients will be catered for on each date and are booking at the moment. The rate is €500 for a completed 3 minute video including music and some graphics. A Discount rate of €485 is available for Enterprising Women members.

Call now on 01-2895264 for details or 087-9726973

The Gathering Of Your Family History

If you have always wanted to ‘do’ your family tree then next year’s event The Gathering is the perfect opportunity to get going on your very personal project. Get gathering your family stories, the old ones handed down over the years, the ones that you’ve created in your own  lifetime. Simply note characteristics about your family good, bad and indifferent. Even health information will be of use to the wider family group. Write them in pen, record them on an old audio or video tape or new iPhone or type them into a document – preferably all methods. The main thing is to listen and record.

Start noting down dates but don’t get hung up on them. The best advice from seasoned genealogists is to start with yourself and work backwards. Your are among the most recent additions to the family tree and that gives you a starting point not an end point.

Take your time and enjoy the journey into your family tree. It is not something that you will have completed in a week, a month, or even a year and anyone who tells you there’s is ‘done’ hasn’t dug hard enough.

Visiting various libraries, repositories and museums will take you to different parts of Ireland and perhaps even abroad if you find ancestors who came from foreign shores as mine did.

Taking time to think and reflect on what you find about the journey your forefathers and mothers took. This will help you to understand aspects of yourself you never realised. You will get those ahha moments that are sheer magic. That might be a taste for tomato sauce or a special understanding of the plight of new immigrants.

Some, who don’t get genealogy, will ask why are you ‘digging up dead people’ or may comment under their breath that you are busy chasing up long dead relatives but you couldn’t be bothered visiting a relative down the road. They might be right, but then again doing family history is the perfect excuse to reconnect with relatives you may have lost touch with over the years. Whatever you do go gently particularly with older relatives who may be suspicious of your new found interest. It takes time to build trust and family history research takes lots of time, patience and trust. Invest the time it and will pay dividends.

Don’t worry about the presentation of your research. Families are messy, research can be sporadic and a folder with scraps of paper, copies of old photographs and copies of certificates is a treasure and fun to pour over with friends old neighbours and those long lost living relatives.
So start today pick up the phone or write a card and make a connection begin your own Gathering -the gathering of your story. It could lead to a family get together in 2013 or may be the starting point for the novel you plan to make your millions with.

8 Quick Tips on Creating a Great Corporate Video

Key things to bear in mind when making a video:

  • Keep your message clear and to the point.
  • Every story has a beginning middle and an end.
  • Beautiful images create feelings and emotions.
  • Terrific sound is essential – you will loose people quickly with bad sound.
  • Use humour when you can.
  • Trust your regular customers to say nice things about you. Testimonials will sell your image better than you ever could yourself. Chances are your clients like you.
  • Hold something in reserve for your next video.

If you need help to craft your message, or you are ready to record your pitch why not call us now for a free quotation on +353 1 2895264.