Hearing Again After 60 Years Of Isolation – documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’

I Hear A Sound

Michael Ferris aged 84 lost much of his hearing during the Suez crisis in 1956 but has the chance to have his hearing restored through the technical miracle of cochlear implant surgery. Barbara Jameson too is facing into her cochlear implant surgery with optimism and excitement and has high hopes that after her CI ‘switch-on’ and fine tuning she will be able to hear birds again, to hear the rain on the velux window and in a year’s time be able to hear her daughter take her wedding vows. In this moving radio documentary ‘I Hear A Sound’ Angie Mezzetti follows the journey back to the hearing world of Michael and Barbara and hears from others on what that journey is like. ‘I Hear A Sound’ is produced for Newstalkfm and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Barbara Jameson’s story of recovering her hearing through cochlear Implant in Beaumont Hospital is followed in the radio documentary I Hear A Sound


Audiologist Christine McHugh in documentary I Hear A Sound


The Dublin County Stress Clinic, St John of God’s Hospital

Ocarina produced a CD to demonstrate and guide people through Relaxation Techniques. This was commissioned by the Dublin County Stress Clinic and features Occupational Therapist Orlaith Donoghue. This CD is a ‘hands-on’ and ‘ears tuned in’ tool to help anyone who may need stress management assistance in their busy life.

The CD is available from the Dublin County Stress Clinic at 01 2771440 or by post from Dublin County Stress Clinic at St John of God Hospital, Stillorgan, Co Dublin.

Newstalk 106-108fm

‘Leading Women’ is a radio documentary in produced for Newstalk 106-108fm that was first broadcast on the 2nd and 3rd August 2014. Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Leading Women explores the role of women in leadership in Ireland today. The documentary asks why the proportion of women in senior management and leadership roles remains so low and what particular challenges, issues and impediments women face in pursuit of their career and leadership goals.

Leading Women also asks what large organisations like Price Waterhouse Coopers, Microsoft and Google are doing to create and maintain a pipeline of women managers and leaders.

The programme is now available on the Women in Leadership podcast website and on Newstalk’s site.


Women in Leadership Podcast

The Women in Leadership Podcast is a series of recorded interviews with some of Ireland’s most interesting and influential business people.

This podcast began as a radio documentary for Irish radio station Newstalk 106-108fm and was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. First broadcast in August 2014, the Leading Women documentary explores the role of women in leadership in Ireland today and its positive reception paved the way for the full-length interviews available on the podcast today.

Listen to the podcast now

Leading Women for Newstalk 106-108

In 2014, Angie produced Leading Women – an inspiring documentary on the challenges and successes of some of Ireland’s most prominent female figures. This was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and produced for Newstalk 106-108fm for their documentary slot.

As well as interviews with ‘Leading Women’, this documentary investigates the attitudes and expectations of the “Millennial generation”. Research has shown that both male and female ‘Millennials’ have higher expectations for gender diversity and work-life balance than previous generations. Professor Elizabeth Kelan of Cranfield University is an expert on developing Millennial women as leaders and is featured in the documentary as is Dr Melrona Kirrane DCU Business school and Prof Eileen Drew director of WiSER in Trinity College Dublin.

The success of this documentary led Angie to create the Women in Leadership podcast, featuring full length interviews with some of Ireland’s foremost female entrepreneurs and public figures.

Listen to this documentary now on the Women in Leadership podcast website [link].