Simulation Training for Crisis Management

Communications Under Pressure

Learning how to stay calm, to communicate and think on your feet when a crisis happens can save your organisation’s reputation, your own reputation and thousands even millions of Euro. Ocarina have a team of highly trained, seasoned journalists and communications strategists who can put you and your team through their paces and give them a real time experience of managing themselves and the flow of information during difficult and challenging times.

We have experience with both private and public sector clients. All work is carried out in a collaborative and confidential manner so that participants can learn from their experiences in a safe but realistic simulation.

Individual Attention

We specialise in working with individuals in senior management roles who are preparing to pitch an idea, address a conference or a board meeting with confidence making sure that all their key points are covered. Managing the internal dialogue that goes on before, during and after an event will turn your next speaking engagement into an enjoyable experience and make you ready and enthusiastic for the next one.

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Department of Education and Science

In 2005 Ocarina (in association with Kairos Communications) produced ‘As Go Brách Linn’: two children’s programmes for the Department of Education and Science.

“As Go Brách Linn” loosely means ‘away with us on an adventure’. Two children teamed up to explore what their lives would be like if they lived in another part of European Union that was very different to where they come from in Ireland. Two boys Padraic and Noel from the Aran Islands, travelled from to Helsinki in the first programme. Niamh and Orla from Dublin went to Cefalú in Sicily for the second programme. Both programmes were broadcast on TG4.