Its A Wrap


2015 was a busy year for Ocarina Productions. We started 2015 doing a series of 23 videos for Professional Development a training company based in Dublin. They were making their own videos for some time and knew they worked but they wanted them made with a more professional finish. Their trainers are real professionals and when it came to working with the camera and under the professional lighting set up they were naturals because they are so used to working with people from all walks of life and all areas of industry in a training scenario.
Aoife Kavanagh from Professional Development says “Videos really work, they can show a potential client or training officer what they can expect from our team”.

They were delighted with the videos and they know deliver business to their site and are ‘the convincer’ a person needs to pick up the phone. “There is enough information in these short videos to show potential clients if this is the right course for them.”

You can see what they mean on their website
Ocarina Productions also organised the photography for the website and brochures with Dave Kenna Photography.