Podcasts are big and they work. A Podcast can help you get targeted, in-depth information to your membership or client network in a way that is easy for them to access at a time that suits them, at home making dinner, walking the dog or on the commute.

A good Podcast engages the listener with interesting content from the start. Good quality radio journalism and sound quality are essential.

Ocarina produces podcasts for business organisations like Ibec, Business In The Community Ireland and the Small Firms Association. We help clients to plan, record, edit and upload their podcasts and show them how to share them easily on social media and their own websites. Building on our experience of producing radio documentaries for RTE and Newstalk, we can produce an engaging podcast for you, that is to the highest technical sound quality standard. You can choose from a radio style discussion panel, a one-on-one interview on a specialist topic, a lecture series or a question and answer session based on listeners' queries. It is your podcast and we can help you realise it.

Ocarina Productions have worked with radio stations like RTE Radio 1, RTE Lyricfm, Newstalk and Dublin Cityfm producing high quality programmes.

We can work with you to develop all aspects of your Podcast audio production. We can bring the studio to you and record in your location. You can also hire a recording studio away from the office setting.
Contact us now on 01-2895264 or email us at info@ocarina.ie for more information and a quote.

Angie Mezzetti is uniquely qualified to assist you on this journey as she is the host and producer of the popular podcast, “Women in Leadership”, which features interviews with International and Irish successful leading women from all walks of life and business.