Pitching Your Business on Video

Show Don’t Tell

So you have decided to make a pitch video. It is a great idea. When potential clients see you in person they make a connection straight away, it’s like they know you, so it is important to make your video as professional as possible.

Web videos allow you to reach more people on their phones and on their laptops and tablets than any networking event. A web video is more likely to lead customers from click to sales on your website.

Key things to remember

Keep it short and make it beautiful. 2 to 3 minutes is plenty. People decide very quickly when they watch video if they want to hear more so grab them at hello!

Make sure the sound is great. We know that pictures are vital but very often amateur video makers neglect the quality of sound on a video and it is really important that what you say can be heard clearly. This is even more important if your clients are in any way hard of hearing.

Prepare what you want to say but don’t over rehearse it. You want to sound natural. A good video maker can interview you in a news story style and then cut out their questions. This makes you sound relaxed and knowledgeable and you don’t have to look directly into the camera unless you want to.

International research shows that web videos on your website increases your SEO Search Engine Optimisation, you become easier to find on the internet. Once it is made you can use your video on any of your web platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, PIntrest and of course twitter. Video is made to share.

Where to start

Get a pen and paper, pencil and napkin or laptop keyboard and start writing down what you want to say. Think about what you want people to know about you. This is just a first draft and can be changed that is why they invented cut and paste.

Refine what you have composed to a few key points. This is an invitation to the dance floor so you just need to introduce yourself or your business first. Say who you are and what you do. Tell people what do you specialise in, what sort of work you have done and what sort of clients you cater for. Tell people what work you like doing. This naturally attracts the clients you want to work with.

Give some free advice. This way you demonstrate what you know and this encourages others to have faith in you.

Enjoy the process.

On 11th September and 11th October 2014 Ocarina will be recording pitches and testimonial videos in specially set up studio conditions in the IMI in Sandyford in September and The Casting Couch Fitzwilliam Square East in October. A limited number of clients will be catered for on each date and are booking at the moment. The rate is €500 for a completed 3 minute video including music and some graphics. A Discount rate of €485 is available for Enterprising Women members.

Call now on 01-2895264 for details or 087-9726973